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The FFR S13 is the revolution in IWB carry. CNC constructed molds offer precise form fitting retention for the firearm. The sleek revolutionary lines make is unique in the holster market. With full ambidextrous ability the customer can switch the fabriclip to either side to accommodate left or right handed individuals.  With the ability to mount directly to the pants, over most belts, pockets, purses, handbags, the S13 can mount to almost any fabric material. Currently only available in Glock 19/23/26/27/32/33 but there are many more options to come. Please specify when ordering which side you would like your clip mounted on from the factory. The S13, setting the standards for the future of thermoforged holsters.

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  1. KRoyal (verified owner)

    FFR Holsters is the best Kydex holsters I’ve found. This coming from an ex Kydex holster maker. The fit, finish, and retention are second to none. The Fabriclip is an ingenious clip for quick on and off. This holster is tuckable and doesn’t require a belt which is great for business attire where you sometimes don’t have the luxury of an untucked cover garment and gun belt. The price is a great value with the craftsmanship you’re getting in return. Gained lifetime customer.

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